Viennese tradition & quality


At a grocery at the vienna „Naschmarkt“ the Sachers family learns how to roast coffee. Marie Sachers officially registers the business on December 23, 1929 (see certificate above). So the coffee brands "Sachers" and "Stambulia" are born. It was the time of operettas. The "Rosen aus Stambul" and the Turkish siege of the city of Vienna, give food for thought: "Stambulia" is forced as a brand name.


Karl Sachers celebrates the 40th anniversary of the company at the „Wiedner Gürtel“ in Vienna. The grocery store, which he took over from his father, now becomes a delicatessen- and coffee wholesaler. From now on, all 9 federal states of Austria are supplied under the protected brand name "Stambulia" coffee.


It´s the third generation of the company now! Two sacks of green coffee are processed every week. Freshly roasted every afternoon, sorted by a foot-operated machine, the coffe get´s packed in paper bags, on the next morning, and delivered to the coffee houses and Inns.


The coffee company “Arian-Kaffee” is taken over. But not only this company! Many followed: Campos, Sombrero, Peru, Morenita, Angola, Stemhoff, Werner and Veith were bought by Sachers.


For the first time the Helmut Sachers coffee brand is taking part in a foreign trade fair, in Hamburg! From this point on, the company regularly takes part in international trade fairs. The USA and Canada are becoming strong export markets. Overall the company served more than 30 foreign markets. Viennese coffee becomes a synonym for wholesome-coffee all over the world.
das Unternehmen mehr als 30 Auslandsmärkte. Wiener Kaffee ist auf der ganzen Welt ein Synonym für bekömmlichen Kaffee.


After strong expansion, the company moves from Vienna to Oeynhausen, which is just outside the city gates. In the neighborhood of the historic "Hotel Sacher in Baden bei Wien".


The production facility is expanded by another warehouse and a second office floor. In the meantime the export share is now by 20%. In Austria, Helmut Sachers Kaffee serves around 2,000 customers. From earlier times 2 sacks of green coffee per week, turned into 450 tons per year!


More than 1000 tons of coffee are roasted every year. Helmut Sachers Kaffee is the largest organic roastery in Austria. There are also some innovations: after the takeover, production and quality standards are revised and redefined. The range is expanded by drinking chocolates and tea.


In order to satisfy national and international standards, all products are now produced in accordance with IFS and HACCP standards.


Introduction of a “private label” for Amazon Europe under the “Der-Franz” brand.

Here we have succeeded to bring our years of tradition into the modern online business.


Goal achieved: We are Europe's first CO2-neutral coffee roastery. From now on, we only use renewable energy for our production. The exhaust air is cleaned via biofilters without additional energy consumption!

We deliver our products, directly to the customers, with our new electric vehicle fleet. 


Welcome in the future!